Thanks to those who have supported us...

We are extremely grateful to all the following who have supported us in so many different ways. Please forgive us if your name has not been included - and let us know if you believe someone should be added.

We have received:
Grants / Donations from:

-  Peter Gadsden, who agreed to allow us to re-purpose the donation he had  previously given (in memory of his wife Yvonne) for the purchase and eventual replacement of a van. This sum funded a significant proportion of the refurbishment work.
-  North Nibley Parish Council
-  North Nibley Music Festival
-  The Growing our Communities Fund of Gloucestershire County Council
-  Renishaw
-  Abbey Electrics
-  P&S Timbrell
-  George Clarke

Enormous amounts of time and effort from:
-  Dave Palmer
-  Walter and Debbie Eley
-  Alex Thorneycroft-Taylor
-  Dave Beer
-  Steve and Peter Timbrell
-  Brook Purnell
-  SimonHampton-Matthews
-  Neil Faulkner
-  Theresa Eames
-  The hub team
-      Carolyn Timbrell - whose boundless enthusiasm and energy pulled people together to made the hub what it is
-       Alison Beer - for the idea in the first place, fundraising and general help
-       Marjory Wright - for publicity and general effort
-       Tarragon Newcombe for agreeing to run the coffee shop in the first place  for her effort and enthusiasm
-      Sheleen Newcombe for her support, enthusiasm and sheer hard work

Sponsorship / Donations from:
- Julia Buckley, Cheryl Davies,  Dave & Jenny Earle, Jill Hendry, Martin & Denise, Tricia and John Jardine, Cat Malins, Kirsten Marlow, Caryn Mitcell, Tom de Pass, Steve & Elaine Orchard, Pam & Tony Powell, The Smiths, William & Charlotte T-T and several others who wish to remain anonymous

Support and Assistance from:
-  The Village Hall
-  The Chapel
-  District Councillors Ken Tucker and George James
-  County Councillor John Cordwell

Work and support from Local Businesses / Suppliers:
-  Paul Burton (Abbey Electrics)
-  Fred and Dave Cole
-  P&S Timbrell Decorators
-  Nick Taylor (Cotswold Carpets)
-  AC Mechanical Services (Wotton)
-  A1 Appliances
-  Wogan Coffee Roasters

'Stuff' until we could afford our own from:
-  Bill and Kirsten Marlow (Shelves)
-  Charles Lamplugh (Shelves)
-  Peter Hall (Fridge Freezer)
-  Village Hall (Tables and chairs)